Direct and work with a group of development managers and work with executive staff. Utilize my background in IS/IT development management and to assist in determining departmental and corporate IS/IT direction with a focus on customer service and fiscal responsibility.

2016-present; IT Manager, Senior Vice President; Truist, Raleigh, NC
Managed team of developers, analyst, testers, engineers & contractors creating, supporting, and enhancing call center applications.  Currently working on a major Genesys platform upgrade enterprise wide.

Managed teams of developers working on various customer service applications using Genesys, C#, Java & IVR technologies. Worked with dozens of business partners, other IS/IT partners, project managers and senior management to successfully deploy many projects, including the merger of SunTrust into BB&T to make Truist.

2007-2016; Applications Delivery Manager; BCBSNC, Durham, NC
Managed teams of developers working on various customer service applications using Siebel, Java & IVR technologies. Responsible for implementing Siebel coding standards, developing process of on-boarding college hires and creating a recognition program for quality applications development. Instrumental in integrating workforce planning tool into department as well as providing training & reporting needs for resource allocations. Worked with various business partners, other IS/IT partners, project managers and senior management to successfully deploy many projects.

2001-2007; Applications Systems Designer; BCBSNC, Durham, NC
Member of a team of developers tasked with developing and deploying a web based member self-administration tool for health care insurance needs. Also, maintain and support development, QA & production application environments.
2000-2001; CTO; Career Cowboy, Durham, NC
Responsible for technology solution to an online e-recruiting site. Activities include selecting providers, development tools, hiring personnel, selecting technology partners and developing relationships. Also responsible for answering all technical inquiries from investors, media, partners and others. Initially responsible for developing architecture, assigning development tasks and managing development project.
1998-2000; Internet Team Leader; Broadreach Consulting, Raleigh, NC
Lead Internet development teams in developing n-tier web based applications for government, corporate and private organizations. Lead designer and architect for custom interface, browser independent web applications. Implemented web indexing capabilities for research audit records for state agency.
1997-1998; Development Projects Manager; SRS, Cary, NC
Lead team of developers in developing n-Tier web based application development. Work with staff to outline and assign duties, responsibilities and scope of authority. Schedule and coordinate all projects assigned to applications group. Wrote product functional specifications. Maintained full technical knowledge and thorough understanding of all business applications assigned to work group. Instructed and oversee the work of other software developers assigned to the department. Evaluate performance of staff members and recommend periodic personnel actions to superior.
1995-1997; Senior Software Engineer; Cii, Raleigh, NC
Contracted to CP&L. Responsibilities include evaluation and recommendation of development software and hardware; fielding technical support calls for developers and staff; provide technical assistance to network support staff; lead team of developers working on various projects; implement new standards and development methodologies. Responsible for concept, design, implementation, and roll out of several projects simultaneously while providing the lead and direction to team of 6-8 developers tasked with the actual coding. Created new staff position requirements, researched candidates and performed technical and personal interviews.
1995; Senior Software Engineer; Tech Specialists, Raleigh, NC
Assigned to major RTP employer and tasked with many varied Visual Basic client/server applications. Responsible for full life cycle project implementation, from prototype to roll out. Server platform was Oracle on a VAX/VMS network. Prototype applications mostly used MS-Access databases.
1994-1995; Senior Consultant; Oxford Technologies, Lake Orion, MI
Designed and developed several custom database applications using Microsoft Visual BASIC at client sites and in virtual office situation. Provided software support and hardware support at client sites and via telephone. Most recent client site for on-site development was ITT Automotive.
1994; Software Engineering Consultant; Platinum Software, Troy, MI
Provided direction and input in development of prototype applications. Assisted in stabilizing source code management. Implemented and maintained a Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft NT operating system. Managed source code control system (PVCS). Worked with prospective clients to get feedback on prototype applications. Gave demonstrations of prototype applications to prospective clients as well as internal staff. Led team of developers in the design and development of prototype applications.
1993-1994; Programmer Analyst; DMB&B, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Lead developer on custom designed Microsoft Visual BASIC applications. Used Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, DDE, OLE and other utilities to enhance database applications. Obtained experience in JAD techniques and RAD design style. Test plan design and review. Coding standards implementation. Developed source code management plan. Project leader for user interface development team.
1991-1993; Programmer Analyst; MedStat Systems, Ann Arbor, MI
Developed custom database conversion applications in FORTRAN. Specialized in insurance data conversion (e.g. Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, Prudential, etc.) Worked under very little supervision, charged with making project time estimates from coding specs. Worked on committee to develop consistent coding standards. Wrote generic utility programs and subroutines to handle similar data in identical manner. Trained users in advanced Microsoft Windows operation. Developed custom Microsoft Windows applications for internal use to relieve the repetitive tasks performed by staff members. Responsible for departmental software purchase recommendations.
1990-1993; Senior Design Engineer; April Software, Novi, MI
Designed and helped develop specialty Microsoft Windows applications for small business. Applications ranged from simple data entry and manipulation to complex simulation programs. Development tools varied as required. Also responsible for training clients on use of in-house developed software as well as third party applications. Installed hardware for clients and employees on use of this hardware. Managed project budgeting and scheduling tasks. All of which was done in a consultation role to April Software development staff.
1989-1991; Software Engineer; Cimage Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI
Worked heavily with graphics file format translators. Dealt with printer and plotter code. Primarily dealt with raster graphics programming. Responsible for organizing software changes by other engineers. Maintained version control system on all source code. Updated existing application code to satisfy customers and interact correctly with existing base product. Built base product, applications associated with base product and stand alone utilities for customers on several different platforms. Formulated a version number-sequencing plan for product development.
1988-1989; Utility Programmer; Nortel/BNR, Ann Arbor, MI
Responsible for writing utility programs for management, developers, engineers, and assembly workers. Charged with keeping product database tools up to date. Integrated database queries with new and existing code to perform desired functions. Implemented a network linking Apollo, IBM PS/2, and Macintosh machines to an IBM mainframe. Wrote a user guide document for all utilities that were grouped in main utility package.
1986-1989; Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI
Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology,
Manufacturing, Computer Aided Design Development
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, 2K, NT, Windows 9x, Unix (including Linux)
LANGUAGES: VB.NET, C#, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Transact SQL, PL/SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, VoiceXML
DATABASES: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MS Access, DB2
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: Erwin, ER/Studio, Visual Studio, Visual Interdev, ODBC, DB2 Connect

OTHER: MS IIS, Netscape Server, MS Index Server, MSMQ, MTS, WebLoad, LoadRunner, COM+